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In the Underground Laboratory Two Clandestine Chemists Cook Drugs.

How to Clean Up a Meth Lab

According to Colorado Public News Meth ‘has come back with a vengeance’ in Colorado.  ( Cleaning a meth lab can restore value to your property and may necessary to disclose during a sale.  It might be possible to save thousands by cleaning a on your own if you follow the right steps and safety protocols. 

1. Know the dangers 


Chemicals used during meth’s cooking process can be harmful if someone is exposed to them. These contaminants can cause short and long term health problems.  These problems range from breathing, skin and eye irritation, headaches to nausea and dizziness.  

Short term exposure  

Acute (short-term) exposures to high concentrations of some of these chemicals, such as those law enforcement officers face when they first enter a lab, can cause severe health problems including lung damage and burns to different parts of the body. 

Long Term Exposure 

There are concerns over long term exposure to the contaminants left behind after a meth lab is dismantled. Contaminants in a meth lab property must be identified, their quantities measured, and their health effects known, before doctors or professionals can identify and understand long term effects. 

2. Protect yourself – Personal Protective Equipment 

  • Wear a respirator with the right filters so you don’t breathe toxic chemicals 
  • Wear a Tyvek suit to avoid direct contact with toxic materials 
  • Build a plastic entry containment and douse your suite when you leave to avoid cross contamination.

3. Steps to Clean a Meth Lab 

  • Air out the property and control the air space 
  • Remove contaminated materials & dispose 
  • Wipe down hard surfaces with detergent 
  • Clean the ventilation system 
  • Inspect and clean the plumbing system 
  • Repaint when necessary  
  • Hire a 3rd party to test

4. What to do if you Fail a Meth Lab Test

  • Start the cleaning process over 
  • Demolish the property and rebuild 
  • Hire a professional meth lab cleaning company.   
  • A meth lab clean up company should be licensed by the State of Colorado.  ( 
  • Companies should have insurance and workers compensation  
  • All workers should have certifications 
  • All workers should have HAZWOPER certifications 
  • Research – ask for references of Meth Lab Clean Up Companies from 3rd party testers 

Property Craft is a Certified Meth/Drug Lab Cleanup Company! Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding the process or need assistance.

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