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Water damage restoration equipment

How to Charge Your Insurance Company for Increased Electric Bill

Did you know that most insurance companies will reimburse you for the increase in your electric bill after a water loss?

Most fans or HEPA filtration units require only a standard 115v outlet for operation.  The Dri Eaz Velo fan uses between 1.2-1.9 amps, which equates to about $.40- $.60 run for 24 hours. This cost is roughly the same expense as running your refrigerator each day.

However, multiple fans and other types of equipment for three or four days could potentially add dollars to your electric bill!

How to get your insurance to check to write you a check for the increase in your bill:

  1. Save your new electric bill.
  2. Collect your previous three months’ electric bills. (The more history, the better)
  3. Calculate the average monthly total from the previous months.
  4. Subtract the difference of the average previous from the new bill.
  5. Write a letter to your adjuster and send copies of your bills.
  6. Wait for your check.
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