Understanding Mitigation

Mitigation- What to expect

It can be difficult navigating through the necessary steps to get the mitigation process going when you are facing damage or loss to your personal property and home. We will guide you though the process and will even handle the insurance company directly.

We specialize in the following areas:

Our goal is to get you back to pre-loss living as quickly as possible while maintaining an excellent level of service.


Dedicated to Quality and Service

Property Craft is a Licensed General Contractor. We clean and mitigate with reconstruction in mind. Our goal is to make the transition between mitigation and rebuild as easy as possible.

Safety is our number one priority and keeping a clean job-site is essential to keep both our team members and your family members safe while in the property.

Our Technology


We use the latest Infrared Technology to help pin point damage
addressing the source is key in all types of losses. Our IR cameras save you time and money by allowing us to see hot and cold. These quick reference points help us find places without visual damage without having to tear into your structure.

Your Property

  • Property Craft Handling- Property Craft will move any items that may require mitigating and protect your property.
  • Privacy- Property Craft Respects your privacy and believes that any life choices you make is your business. The homeowner may request time to remove all content from the property prior to the start of work. However, if the company encounters illegal items or activity the authorities may be alerted.
  • Jewelry, Heirlooms, Fire Arms or Paraphernalia It is the homeowners responsibility to remove all items that they do not want us to see or handle. For any valuable items left onsite please inform our staff prior to work and fill out a valuable content sheet.


Onsite/Offsite Contents may be stored at the homeowner’s home, in a mobile Conex or an offsite facility.

Salvageable vs Non-Salvageable

  • Salvageable This specification includes items that have either been unaffected or can be cleaned and saved.
  • Non-Salvageable This specification is designated in one of two ways. The first designation would be if an item is completely damaged and cannot repaired or cleaned. Examples include physically burned or charred items. The second designation would be items that might be saved but require multiple processes to clean/repair. The carrier may determine that it would cost less to replace an item rather than pay for multiple attempts to clean.
  • Documentation Property Craft will generate a list of non-salvageable items for the owner to approve. We will bill for the time to generate the list and the time to input the list into an insurance approved format.
  • Rentals & Tenants If you have tenants present and their content has been damaged they can remove content themselves or Property Craft can remove content for an additional charge to the homeowner. Time is of the essence.


Your insurance may pay to have your firearms professionally cleaned and test fired


Your insurance may pay to have your antique furniture restored to pre-loss condition


Dry Cleaners can remove smoke odor or mold spores to save clothes and other soft goods.

Understanding Equipment

Centrifugal Air Mover

What is a Centrifugal Air Mover? In most cases within our industry, they are called “Blowers”. They magnify an incoming airstream utilizing a fan wheel which creates higher-pressure airflow versus the axial fan style. You also obtain a steadier flow of air when you choose centrifugal versus the axial fan style. You typically find centrifugal fans in applications that require high pressure which are generally used for drying applications. They are also compact infiltration and pollution management tools, with its high pressure allows for an effective and efficient ducting system. The one downside of choosing centrifugal fans is that they are generally too powerful and high-pressured for use in areas that need more controlled flow.

Axial Air Mover

What is an Axial Air Mover? The Axial Air Mover originated from the developments of Windmills. They are named Axial Air Movers because of the direction the airflow they create moves. The air moves out of the fan in the same direction because the blades move around an axis. The Axial Air Mover generates a lot of air volume but low pressure which are usually used in general purpose jobs within the industry. They can be used for cooling, ventilation, and even as spot coolers to refrain from equipment overheating.

For drying effectively, we generally use a Centrifugal Air Mover because of its focused pressure and steady stream. Axial Air Movers do not have as much pressure as the Centrifugal Air Mover but for general usage it will provide enough air volume. If you are looking for less pressure for comfort air flow, I would recommend the Axial Air Mover.


What is a Dehumidifier? It is a tool that basically takes moisture out of the air. This device comes in many different sizes depending on size of affected area.  It decreases humidity levels (in most cases), in which reduces the likeliness to allergens such as mold, mildew, dust mites, etc. After a flood in homes the floor, walls, and maybe even the ceiling material may look dry to the naked eye. Drywall and wood, which are general building materials are porous. Which means that they can retain a lot of water, if they do not dry appropriately there may be future concerns of mold damage or wood rot.

A Dehumidifier draws warm air into its coils, contracts, and is fed through the refrigerated coils of the machine, which leaves condensation inside the dehumidifier. As condensation is collected it starts to drip into a storage tank and is purged through a tubing into a collection bucket or drainage. This basically dries the air to allow for moisture on the structure to be extracted into the air space. Please note that utilizing a Dehumidifier too long could damage your property as well, please consult a licensed restoration company for more details.

Air Scrubber

What is an Air Scrubber? It is a portable filtration device that filtrates particles, chemicals, and/or gases from the air mass area in which its set in. This machine has an inlet that draws air from the surrounding environment and filtrates through a series of filters. There are many different sizes of Air Scrubbers depending on the Cubic Feet of the area. These machines are generally divided in size by CFM (Cubic feet per minute), which is a measure of volume used to indicate an air compressors output rate. Please consult your restoration professional for proper CFM.

We utilize the Air Scrubber to ensure that we are accounting for proper air quality in and around the affected area for the homeowner, employees, and anyone entering the workspace. An Air Scrubber generally stands alone in the center of a room with no ducting attached to it. The air is pulled through the inlet, filtrates through the series of filters, and then exhausts for recirculation.

Negative Air Machine (NAM)

What is a Negative Air Machine? It is a machine that creates negative pressure within the controlled environment. It draws air from the environment through the inlet, in most cases filters through a series of filters, and runs through the ducting which exhausts out of the home into mother natures hands. During the restoration process airborne contaminants are generally present and will be disturbed upon demolition (varies on job type), so a Negative Air Machine is a huge component to air control of any particulates.

We generally utilize an Air Scrubber with the proper CFM to fit the air mass of the controlled environment. We just tape on ducting to the outlet point, run the ducting to an exterior penetration (window, doorway, venting, etc.), seal it properly with plastic and/or tape. Please consult with your professional restoration company for proper containment development, manometer usage, equipment setup, and/or proper equipment CFM.

Equipment Rental

We do offer equipment rental for your convenience. Contact us today to find out details on when it is right for you to rent equipment and when you need professional assistance.