Understanding  your mitigation

Property Craft ‘s story began 2014 in Pueblo, CO with a mission to preform second to none. We understand that the insurance process can be long and strenous. Our mission is to assist the property owner as they navigate through the mitigation process.

Types of loss/class rating

The IICRC clarifies a loss using Four (4) classes of destruction.

Class 1

The Lowest and Easiest to deal with. Only part of a room or area was affected, there was little to no carpet affected and the moisture has only impacted materials with a low permeance rate. 

Class 2

Affected entire room, carpeting, or cushioning, the wetness has wicked up the walls 12” and moisture in structural materials.

Class 3

Affected Ceilings, Wall, insulation, carpet and subfloors are saturated.

Class 4

Special Drying situation. Examples may include hardwood floors, brick or stone.


Asbestos is heavily regulated and requires a permit from the state prior to removal.

What is asbestos?

According to the EPA, Asbestos is a natural fibrous material that is heat retardant.

Asbestos Facts

  • Refers to a group of fibrous, heat-resistant minerals
  • Once a common ingredient in American construction materials
  • Microscopic fibers can become trapped in the body, causing disease over time
  • Industry executives covered up health dangers for decades
Types of materials containing asbestos

Flooring, mastic, roofing materials, drywall & texture, caulk, glazing, wiring, some attic insulation and automobile clutches/breaks.

When is Asbestos Dangerous?
Both OSHA & the EPA concur that Asbestos is not Dangerous unless AIRBORNE.

testing for asbestos?

According to the EPA:

For demolitions that are subject to the asbestos NESHAP, the regulation requires a thorough inspection before demolition or renovation begins

our Scope of work
  • Testing by 3rd Party
  • Understand Results
  • Abatement
    • Tenting
    • Shower
    • Detailed Cleaning
    • Cross-contamination
  • Clearance Test

Microbial growth

What do I need to know about Mold?

industry standards

Neither the EPA or other Federal Agency has set limits for Mold or Mold Spores. There is NO STANDARD for Compliance because mold is a naturally occurring material, so the goal is to reduce or eliminate harmful spores and reduce general quantity.

IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration)

  • S500, Standard and Reference Guide for Professional WATER DAMAGE restoration

S520, Standard and Reference Guide for Professional MOLD restoration. 

our Scope of work
  • We Document Damages
  • Moisture Readings
  • Mold Testing (Air Test/Swab Test)
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Build Containment
  • Remove Affected Materials
  • Reach Dry Standard
  • Mold Clearance Test

Third Party Testing and Clearance Testing

An initial test of the current environment sets the parameters of the remediation. To avoid liability or collusion Property Craft always uses a 3rd party to identify the types of strains to determine procedures.

A Clearance Test will show a significant reduction on common strain and little to no present spores for HARMFUL spores.

Do not use Bleach

Bleach will Disrupt Surface and Spread the Spores into the Air

Add Moisture to Mold thus providing more resources for growth

Bleach can change color of Mold and make finding the source more difficult.

Bleach can damage woods and other surfaces.

Bleach Mixed with Ammonia creates a DEADLY GAS! Avoid Using Bleach around URINE and Toilets!

Do I have black mold?

STACHYBOTRYS is commonly referred to as “Black Mold”

Stachybotrys is often black in color but can also appear in many other colors ranging from reds, whites and greens.  

Not all molds are a threat and are a part of our natural environment. 

personal content

Personal property usually does get damaged. Below is information that will help clean it up or replace the items.

Salvagable -vs- Non-salvagable

This specification includes items that have either been unaffected or can be cleaned and saved.

  • Non-Salvageable
    This specification is designated in one of two ways. The first designation would be if an item is completely damaged and cannot be repaired or cleaned. Examples include physically burned or charred items. The second designation would be items that might be saved but require multiple processes to clean/repair. The carrier may determine that it would cost less to replace an item rather than pay for multiple attempts to clean.
  • Documentation
    Property Craft will generate a list of non-salvageable items for the owner to approve. We will bill for the time to generate the list and the time to input the list into an insurance approved format.

•        Rentals & Tenants
If you have tenants and their content has been damaged they can remove the content themselves or Property Craft can remove the content for an additional charge to the homeowner. Removing their content in a timely fashion allows us to address the structure by mitigating the loss without delay. 

Valuable items & your privacy
  • Onsite/Offsite Storage
    Contents may be stored at the homeowner’s home, in a mobile Conex or an offsite facility.
  • Privacy
    Property Craft Respects your privacy and believes that any life choices you make is your business. The homeowner may request time to remove all content from the property prior to the start of work. However, if the company encounters illegal items or activity the authorities may be alerted.
  • Jewelry, Heirlooms, Fire Arms or Paraphernalia
    It is the homeowners responsibility to remove all items that they do not want us to see or handle. For any valuable items left onsite please inform our staff prior to work and fill out a valuable content sheet.
  • Property Craft Handling Content
    Property Craft will move any items that may require mitigating and protect your property
  • Firearms
    Your insurance may pay to have your firearms professionally cleaned and test fired.


Jewelry, Heirlooms, Fire Arms or Paraphernalia
  • Property Craft Handling Content
    Property Craft will move any items that may require mitigating and protect your property
  • Firearms
    Your insurance may pay to have your firearms professionally cleaned and test fired.
  • Antiques

    Your insurance may pay to have your antique furniture restored to pre-loss condition.

  • Clothing

    Dry Cleaners can remove smoke odor or mold spores to save clothes and other soft goods.

It is the homeowners responsibility to remove all items that they do not want us to see or handle. For any valuable items left onsite please inform our staff prior to work and fill out a valuable content sheet.

Fire Loss

Ash and Soot are typically more harmful to the structure and your personal content than the heat or the flame.

First Things first

Fire Mitigation can be the start of a long process with your insurance company. Most insurance companies will send their own investigator prior to any work starting to comply with their inhouse fraud departments.

Scope of Work
  • We Document Damages
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Remove Affected Materials
  • HEPA Vacuum as needed
  • Wet Clean
  • Deodorize
  • Paint Seal
fire & water loss

Most fires are extinguished using water or liquids. This water instantly becomes contaminated with ash and char. To avoid secondary damage the wet materials, need to be removed as soon as possible.

Types of water loss

Broken water lines due to freezing can flood a basement very quickly.

Water & Sewer
  • Category 1: Clean Water
    • Broken Supply Lines – Sinks, Tubs, No Contaminates
  • Category 2: Clean Water
    • Discharge – Dishwasher, Laundry, Toilets in some cases
  • Category 3: Clean Water
    • Contaminated – Sewer, Flooding, Animals, Unknown Bacteria, Water used to extinguish fire.
Scope of Work
  • We Document Damages
  • Moisture Readings
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Remove Affected Materials
  • Place Drying Equipment
  • Reach Dry Standard
what is dry standard?

Reaching a dry standard is our specialty. Completely drying all the building materials prevents secondary damage such as microbial growth. Property Craft will make efforts to save materials and protect the home whenever possible.


“These guys are incredible. Best I’ve worked with. I trust them. They truly care and provide excellent knowledge and support. I recommend the to all my friends”


“In July there was a fire in my home. I didn’t even know where to start…Property Craft was a life saver. They walked me through every step of the process…My home looks like new. I cannot thank them enough for their help.”


“Honest, professional and reliable, making sure your project is done right…. down to the smallest detail”


No Surprise Billing

Sometimes as a project progresses the owner may decide to change colors, materials or even layouts. CHANGES ARE NO PROBLEM!! We will work with you and identify any increase or decrease to your contract prior to making any changes.

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