Understanding Mitigation

What to expect?

  • It can be difficult navigating through the necessary steps to get the mitigation process going when you are facing damage or loss to your personal property and home. We will guide you though the process and will even handle the insurance company directly. Our main goal is to get you back to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible, while maintaining an excellent level of service.
  • Property Craft is a licensed General Contractor, we take pride in mitigating your property with reconstruction in mind; we strive to make the transition between mitigation and rebuild as easy as possible. 

Here are the services we provide:

Our Technology

  • We utilize the latest infrared technology to help pin point the affected area of your property. It is vital to locate the source of the loss as well as knowing where the water has traveled. Our IR Camera not only saves us time but ensures that there is no other affected areas unknown to you. These quick reference points allows us to assess the loss without needing demolition.
We also utilize a moisture reading tool to allow us to understand the amount of moisture in specific material. This makes it easier for us to understand how much drying equipment is necessary to get the affected materials up to dry standard. Please see our Understanding Equipment Blog to learn more about what we exactly use.

What about your Contents?

  • Our goal is always to salvage any affected contents that there may be. We will move any items that may require mitigating and work as fast as we can to protect your property. We also respect your privacy and ensure that we have appropriate permission to access areas that is necessary. We also respect your decision to gather some of your items prior to commencing work, please note that if we encounter illegal items or activities we are forced to alert the authorities. It is the homeowners responsibility to remove all items that they do not want us to see or handle, for any valuable items left onsite please notify our team and we will ensure to fill out a valuable content sheet. 
  • Storage Question? Depending on space and amount of content we can store items in the property, off-site, or on-site in a mobile storage unit. 

Salvageable vs Non-Salvageable

  • Salvageable – This specification includes items that have either been unaffected or can be cleaned and saved.
  • Non-Salvageable – This specification is designated in one of two ways. The first designation would be if an item is completely damaged and cannot repaired or cleaned (i.e physically burned or charred items). The second designation would be items that might be saved but require multiple processes to clean/repair, the carrier may determine that it would cost less to replace an item rather than pay for multiple attempts to clean.
  • Property Craft will ensure that all items are documented accordingly as well as provide a list for both the homeowner and carrier. We will bill for the time to generate the list and the time to input the list into an insurance approved format. As for rentals if you have tenants present and their contents have been damaged they can remove content themselves or Property Craft can remove content for an additional charge to the homeowner (Dependent on whether the tenant has Rental Insurance or not).
  • Here are a couple types of content that have been frequently asked about:
  • Firearms: Your insurance may pay to have your firearms professionally cleaned and test fired.
  • Antiques: Your insurance may pay to have your antique furniture restored to pre-loss condition.
  • Clothing: Dry Cleaners can remove smoke odor or mold spores to save clothes and other soft goods.
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