Trauma/Disease Clean Up

What does Trauma/Disease Clean Up entail?

If you have had a trauma/ infectious disease occur on your property, we are certified and equipped to properly clean any area. We understand these situations can be stressful and we are here to help.!

  • – Infectious disease, viral, and microbial site decontamination.
  • – Decontamination of chemicals.
  • – Suicide, homicide and accidental death cleanup and decontamination.
  • – Airborne pathogen and blood cleanup.
  • – Emergency vehicle, facility and equipment cleanup.
  • – Bodily fluids and tissue cleanup.

Why do you need a Professional?

There are regulations governing the cleanup of trauma/infectious diseases or anything involving bio-hazards and hazardous materials. The Health Department or Department of Natural Resources may set and enforce its own regulations per county as well; these regulations must be adhered to.

Property Craft is certified to handle bio-hazard and trauma cleanup(s). We are trained to manage the dangers, how to ensure it is cleaned appropriately, and understand the importance of personal protection equipment (PPE). We ensure that you can be confident that the trauma/ infectious disease clean up will be done safely, respectfully, and include the proper removal and disposal of all contaminated substances according to all federal, state and local regulations. 

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